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We service all makes and models,
foreign and domestic...4x4s too!


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Tire Pressure Monitoring System Service & Repair
Bryant's Auto & Tire Service provides TPMS service for all types of vehicles.

What is TPMS? TPMS stands for Tire Pressure Monitoring System. TPMS is a warning system indicating to the operator when a tire is significantly under-inflated.

The Tread Act Congress passed the Transportation Recall Enhancement, Accountability and Documentation (TREAD) Act in the fall of 2000. This requires a warning system to indicate under inflated tires.

Bryant's Auto & Tire Service will:

  1. Test all your TPMS valves before servicing the tires on your vehicle.
  2. If any of the tire valves are not working you will be notified before we proceed with servicing the tire/wheel assembly.
  3. The TPMS valves will be reprogrammed and confirmed in working order before your vehicle leaves.

Can the TPMS system be bypassed? No, Under 49 U.S.C 30122(b),"A manufacturer, distributor, dealer, or motor vehicle repair business may not knowingly make inoperative any part of a device or element of design installed on or in a motor vehicle or motor vehicle equipment in compliance with an applicable motor vehicle safety standard prescribed under this chapter..."

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Check Engine Light Service
What's the problem and who can fix it correctly?

You do not have to bring your vehicle to a dealership!

Our professional technicians are properly trained on the most up-to-date vehicle technology, using the latest diagnostic equipment. This means your vehicle will be properly repaired, putting you back on the road as soon as possible.


Fill Your Tires with Nitrogen!

· Fuel Savings
· Increased Safety
· Longer Tire Life
· Superior Handling
· Decreased Wheel Corrosion
· Maintains Proper Inflation 3-4 Times Longer
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Save Money! Fill Your Tires with Nitrogen!


What You Need to Know About TPMS:
Tire Pressure Monitoring System
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